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Enjoy my gallery :D There's a lot of different stuff, but mostly characters for stories and whatnot.

Dont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt< There. Did I get the point across enough? :|

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Just some random awesome favorites.



Still gonna do the character thingy again, but I've been too busy as of late BUT

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Found this and decided to give it a shot, since I'm feeling a little lazy. I'm going to use a character who has been in development for a really long time and one that hasn't that I think would be interesting candidates.

This here little written meme-journal entry-thing is not going to ask you what your character looks like. It is not going to ask what your character's favorite color is. It's not even going to ask what your character would do if cupcakes fell from the sky. This, my friends, is going to put you to the test--just how developed is your character. Does his/hers/its psychological build make sense and fit together? If your character isn't that developed, then I hope this helps. 

a) Use as many characters as you please. 
b) If you're a big freak about staying in character, I'd recommend that YOU answer. Not your character/s because, let's face it, not all characters would spill their beans. 
c) You don't have to tag anyone, but it's highly expected. 
d) Don't worry too much about grammar--this is development. Not an English test. 

Section 1: The Basics

1a. What is your character's full name?
-Sanctus Castillus DemonicaLove is Blind by The-Nightmare-Doctor
--Jericho The Mysterious Stranger: Jericho by The-Nightmare-Doctor

1b. Was it their parents that named them that? If not, who? 
-Sanctus' father gave him his name, there isn't much more to it than that XD
--Jericho's name was not procured by his parents but rather his boss. Jericho moves about and changes names often. His boss Amos thought it would be a fun little tease to name him Jericho before putting him under his services.

1c.Is there a special meaning behind the name?
-Sanctus has gotten a few definitions when I look it up. On one hand, in some language, it means something dark and menacing like "world eater" or something (that definition has long since been forgotten by myself). But in most search results it means "sacred" or "holy", which is quite humorous if you ask me.
--In the bible Jericho was a Canaan city destroyed when its walls fell down. It means "his moon" or "moon city". The reason Amos thought it would be a funny jest to name him that is because the moon is typically associated with feminine qualities, which he thinks Jericho has a lot of due to the make-up he wears.

2a. How old are they now? 
-Sanctus looks to be in his 40s or 50s, but he's old as dirt by now, easily passing the thousand year mark with a big grin on his face.
--Jericho is in his mid to late 30s (about 36)

2b. When were they born? 
-Questions like this get me all the time because I haven't come up with a date system for Sanctus' world. He was born before dirt.... There 8l
--Jericho was born in 1896, September 3rd

2c.Where were they born?
-.......Hell.... Technically.
--Wales(South) (?)

3a. What's their race? Human, vampire, furry? Hybrid of some sort?
-Demon Prince

4a. Where do they stand on the social pyramid? (e.i.: Royalty, middle class, living in poverty, etc.) 
-He is royalty in the demonic social pyramid, and he treats himself as such on the surface world.
--He was in poverty but since he started working for Amos he's basically jumped to high class in a year.

Section 2: Lifestyle 

1a. Do they have a/n job/occupation? What is it?
-He doesn't have a job xD He just spreads chaos. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
--Jericho works for Amos. This includes simple tasks like getting the man a glass of wine to murdering insubordinates and people that piss the guy off :D (Big Grin)

1b. What motivates them to keep doing this job?
-Watching the world burn turns him on
--He doesn't want to be out on the streets again, and it's an interesting job to keep him occupied.

1c. What job would they rather have?
-Best job he ever had (Quoting Fury lol, my bad)
--Jericho doesn't have a preference, he does what comes to him. A mason man comes to mind, he is comfortable doing anything.

2a. What are their religious views?
-Sanctus is an egotistical bastard, having a slight god complex on some occasions, but he knows gods are out there. He's seen them. However, he believes that people groveling at their feet is kind of silly. Gods don't end lives, he does, people should grovel at his feet. They'd be much easier to find that way.
--Jericho's mother was religious. Not extremely, but she would make him pray every night before bed at least. He still finds himself doing so well into adulthood, but he finds the words empty. In other words, he's on the fence on the whole subject and doesn't find a need to talk about it.

3a. What have they accomplished? When?
-Murders. Lots and lots of murders. All across time.
--Also murders, though less extensive. He's been in a war(possibly), moved to America, changed his name and occupation multiple times while moving across countries just to resettle, and he's become a very good manipulator.

4a. Are they apart of any organizations? 
-No, but he's found cults dedicated to him. He thought they were very adorable.
--Amos is an organization all his own, so yes.

5a. What do they do in their free time?
-Give Zandra hell.
--Read, listen to music, maybe some sketchy business off to the side.

Section 3: Psychology

1a. Describe their basic personality. 
-Mentally deranged, Sanctus is emotionally driven with everything he does. He enjoys the suffering of others and the suffering of himself by the hands of others, acting like a child when someone attacks him or runs, looking at it like a game more than anything else. This is most likely because he's been around for so long, he sees human struggle as humorous. He's got a decent level of god complex, since nobody has been able to kill him. But with his emotionally driven state, given the right phrases or actions, he can be brought down from his high horse, but can also become very angry with you very fast. He's a hot mess, basically.
--Jericho may also be a hot mess but he hides it very well behind a suave and debonair appearance. He's headstrong, and will do anything in his power to get what he wants, and I mean anything. He hates the terms, "whore" and "freak" and becomes very touchy when someone calls him or anybody he would deem as a friend those two things. He isn't standoffish, willing to talk with anyone and is known to be very compassionate towards others. The trick is knowing if he means it or is just pulling your leg to get where he needs to be.

2a. What part of their personality really stands out? If any part?
-The fact that he's a mentally deranged sadomasochist definitely turns the eye.
--His sublime work ethic and stubbornness to get the job done right the first time.

3a. How do they view life? Are they an optimist? Pessimist? Realist? Idealist?
-He's an optimistic sort, he knows the world's fucked up, but he likes it that way. Sure there's that whole overly emotional bit that makes this life view shift every so often, but generally he's morbidly optimistic.
--Realist to an almost pessimistic level, he couldn't be anything else after living the life he's lived.

4a. When it comes to making a tough decision, do they rely on thought or feeling? Faith or fact?
-Sanctus, as stated above, is all emotionally based. He doesn't go off of faith or fact, just his gut feeling and his emotions. He's such an emotional wreck though that making hard decisions puts him in a frantic standstill sometimes.
--Jericho mostly works out problems based on facts and knowledge, but it's intermixed with gut feelings and a little prayer here and there.

5a. Do they have a sense of humor?
-Like dead baby jokes sense of humor. Oh... Lol, your insides are wrapped around your throat and you're turning blue like a drowning child that's really funny.
--Jericho is hella sarcastic, so that counts if you can handle sarcastic sass backs.

6a. What motivates them to keep moving?
-This question gets me, because Sanctus has no motive per say for the most part. At one time he was pissed off at Zakon so that was his goal; fuck Zakons shit up. And then he had a family he wanted to look after. But that took place in a short span of years, what the heck kept him going those thousands of years before? The chaos of the world probably, he likes watching the world change.
--He has this undying attitude of "never give up". He doesn't want to be in poverty ever again, so that also.

7a. What do they desire from life?
-At this point in his life he just wants to live with his family. If they weren't there though he'd have no goals, he would just live day by day without thinking ahead like  he usually does.
--All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air.

8a. What are they afraid of? 
-He isn't afraid of much. Sanctus will happily hop headlong into battle, face off the largest strongest monsters, and mock any military or government he pleases. But there are two recent developments that puts him in a bad spot whenever the thought comes to mind. Losing his family, and Doctor Mordecai.
--Jericho has serious hemaphobia. It's mostly directed at his own blood, but if there is a lot of blood in one room he'll start thinking it's his own and freeze up. Any sort of cut/bleeding sets him on edge and puts him in a bad place. He literally becomes completely useless if he sees his blood. Other than that, he's been known to be quite fearless.

9a. Are they superstitious about anything?
-Not really xD
--His mom was superstitious about a lot of things, and it kinda rubbed off on him but he's not nearly as bad as her.

10a. What secrets do they keep, if any?
-He doesn't have many secrets, nor reason to really keep any.
--This guy is sketchy as hell of course he has secrets.

10b. How well are these secrets kept?
-If Sanctus had secrets he'd keep them under lock and key.
--His secrets got secrets but nobody knows he has secrets they just assume such. He's so good at keeping secrets he keeps information from himself (but seriously he's really good at it)

Section 3: Mental Abilities

1a. What can/cannot they do mentally? (e.i. IQ, certain school subjects, mental/emotional health) 
-Sanctus is actually quite intelligent, similar to perhaps Hannibal in some cases. His mental/emotional health though can be comparable to the degrading health of a cancer patient, so that sort of off hands the intelligence he has. He is quite creative, I'll give him that
--Jericho is street smart, with a lot of common sense. He's very good with writing, grammar, reading, and things like that, along with music, but that's as far as his knowledge goes on school matters.

1b. What are they strongest at?

1c. What are they weakest at?
-Being emotionally sound.
--General school knowledge. If he didn't learn it in his travels, he doesn't know it.

2a. What do they like to do? 
-I think it's been established a few times that Sanctus really really enjoys getting hurt and hurting other people.
--Reading, listening to music, keeping themselves busy.

3a. What do they hate to do?
-Standing still, he doesn't have the attention span to just relax. It hurts him if he's relaxed.
--Most of the shit Amos makes him do.

4a. Were they educated?
-Not at all, just learned throughout the years
--Barely. He learned what he could from the people living with him and his mother, the rest was up to him.

4b. If so, did they enjoy it?
Doesn't apply

4c. For how long?
Doesn't apply

Section 4: History

1a. Did they have a good childhood? A bad one?
-Under regular circumstances Sanctus' childhood would be considered bad. He lived in an environment condoning "strongest survive, dog eats dog". He was kicked out of his home and dumped on the surface world when he was young, and he's been here ever since.
--Without giving any spoilers (I can't tell you everything about this guy, can I Wink/Razz) his childhood wasn't too great. He lived with his mother, his father wasn't part of the picture, and he was the point of a lot of bullying, money was tight.

1b. What do they remember the most about it?
-He remembers leaving, he doesn't remember getting here.
--He remember beating the living shit out of one of the kids that would pick on him relentlessly. It was a successful day, even if he did get in a hell of a lot of trouble.

2a. What were/are their teen years like?
-Sanctus was definitely a crazy child in his teen years. This was around the time he got kicked out into the surface world, where he got his bearing and soaked a few good plots of land with blood, ya know, to get the feel for things.
--Rough. Jericho snapped around this time, this is when he beat up the bully finally. The money got tighter and his mom got more desperate, this was when he decided to leave and eventually join the war. He would send most of his salary to his mom.

3a. What have they had to struggle to accomplish?
-He struggles to be a good father and husband. He want to do good at those things, but it's hard for him do given it isn't a part of his nature.
--Most of his life he's been struggling. He didn't have to struggle to get the job he has now, but keeping it has proven difficult, it tests his morals. He had to struggle to get out of the bad living situations he's been in, keeping "clean" as it were.

4a. What do they regret the most, if anything?
-Not being able to protect his family. It's all that's currently driving him right now.
--He feels as though he left his mother behind.

5a. How did they end up on their current path? Was it their choice?
-This asshole showed up Dr. Mordecai's Ghost by The-Nightmare-Doctor, Mordecai took his family away with the help of Zakon. Since Sanctus is scared to death of Mordecai, he's focusing more on taking out Zakon. All he wants right now is his family.
--It was all an independent choice. Everything he does is by his own thought, every consequence is his doing.

6a. Did anything serious happen that changed them forever? 
-Still on the topic of him starting a family, it's not everyday that a guy with no heart actually gets one.
--This question would include spoilers to this guys story I want to keep hidden for now Wink/Razz recent events have changed him though.

Section 5: Family

1a. Who are their parents?
-Oulixeus and Agana Demonica. 
--He never knew his father, just his mother, Isabel.

1b. What are their parents' races?
-One demon god of hate and chaos and a blood succubus.
-Both were human.

1c. Are they still alive?
-Oh yes, alive and well.
--He doesn't know, he doubts they are though. (Surprisingly enough, both are still alive)

2a. Do/did they have any siblings? How many?
-Sanctus has one sibling, an older sister (weird to think of him as a younger child). Though this didn't click for a while, Fenrisulfur would technically be his sibling, so here she is.Birth of the Fenrisulfur by The-Nightmare-Doctor
--He's a single child.

2b. Are they still alive?
-Also alive and well.
--No siblings

3a. Where did the family originate?
-His father is literally too old to be sure, his mother was born in hell. Fenrisulfur emerged from Oulixeus' blood after the demon god was struck by lightning.
--His father was a merchant of unknown origin (as of right now), his mother is from Wales.

3b. How has it changed from the last generation to the current?
-There hasn't been any shift in generation, mostly because this is it so far.
--Unknown. Jericho doesn't keep track of his family anyway.

Section 6: Relationships

1a. What do other people think of them?
-That he's a sadistic bastard that you should stay away from at all times.
--While polite and generally nice, he's suspicious as hell so people kinda keep on their toes with him.

2a. What is their sexual orientation?
-Heterosexual, he's got a nice wife he isn't going to leave anytime soon Wink/Razz
--Honestly up in the air. 

3a. Are they involved with anyone romantically? Who?
-Incredibly attached to: Katarina Havelin
--Nobody in particular.

3b. What do they like/love about this person? What do they dislike/hate?
-Sanctus likes that she isn't afraid of him, he also appreciates that she puts up with his crazy antics and instabilities without getting too frustrated. He likes her little quirks and kinks and such, but gets incredibly frustrated with how stubborn she can be. It can get to the point where it's impossible to talk to her, and that makes him really, really angry.
--Not applicable.

4a. Do they have a best friend? Who?
-Sanctus isn't the sort of person to make friends.
--Jericho's friend died a while ago, before he was called Jericho.

4b. Why are they best friends?
--They were stuck in the same trench together, they kinda just started talking and found they had a lot of similarities and enjoyed how the other one ticked. Both of them were sarcastic bastards so they got along swimmingly.

4b. Any other friends?
-Can't have any other friends if you don't have one.
--Jericho stayed away from making any relationships with people (seeing the only guy you considered a friend get doused in napalm kinda puts a damper on the whole concept). When he started getting into more steady jobs he'd make a few acquaintances here and there but nothing solid. When he started working for Amos he felt the need to make some sort of social contact or he'd lose his damn mind. He considers Angelis' mother, Joanna a close friend, along with a lot of the cooking staff.

5a. Do they hate anyone? Does anyone hate them? Who?
-Sanctus hates Mordecai and Zakon. With Zakon it's complicated, but with Mordecai it's kind of a no brainer. If you don't hate Mordecai to some extent you're wrong.
--He really hates Amos, the guy gives him the creeps. He hates him because of how twisted he is with his complete lack of care for human life. Amos reminds him of the bully back at home that he inevitably beat up. But he can't beat up Amos, Amos is untouchable.

Section 7: Extra

1a. Is there anything else important that you have to share about this character?
  • While this is still up for debate, Sanctus gets seasick. All the congestion in his lungs just gets swished around when he's on ships and he ends up throwing it up a lot more than usual. This puts him in a really shitty mood and gives him the usual symptoms of seasickness (obviously).
  • Sanctus is one of the best dads in any of my stories, funny enough. With that being said, it isn't because he has some natural knack for parenting, he's almost hurt Ester a few times, it's because he honestly gives a damn and is trying really hard to make this little girl that belongs to him really happy. Katarina is the on that has the knack for parenting, but Sanctus is the one that wants to spend the most time with his daughter. He doesn't know what any of the things are that humans use or do when raising their kids (tea-parties, sleepovers, pillow forts, stuffed animals, none of that.) but if Ester wants to have a tea party, by God he'll give her a tea party (with some help from Katarina of course.)
  • Jericho respects women, period. He hates it when the women workers are mistreated in any way and is very defensive about it. This doesn't mean he sees them as fragile, if they don't need his help he won't give it etc. but he doesn't like seeing them get pushed around. 
  • Jericho knows several languages fluently from all of his traveling around. Most of the languages are European (French, German, Danish), but he also knows some very very broken sign language. He might not have gone to school, but he learns fast due to his hectic lifestyle.

Time to tag some people!

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Just some face studies I did today using the blog

It was good practice that I feel like I definitely need :D

Fave Comment Enjoy :D

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