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Enjoy my gallery :D There's a lot of different stuff, but mostly characters for stories and whatnot.

Dont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt< There. Did I get the point across enough? :|

If you even think of stealing any of this :icondietodeath1plz::icondietodeath2plz:


Just some random awesome favorites.



Kay, so just a quick update.

I'll be reviewing all of BioShock at some point in time (at least that's the plan) since BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 concluded the series as a whole and is basically the end of the franchise. I just need finish Minerva's Den from BioShock 2. I'll probably do it in sections, because I get distracted just writing one review way too easily, so three plus all story driven DLCs that I've played? Yeah no.

Also, I went and saw Noah and it was pretty bomb even if it was like four hours long. Besides the fact that it was way too long, the visuals were cool, the characters were intriguing, and the interpretation of the story was pretty interesting without deviating too far from the source material to make it completely ridiculous. I'd do a full review, but I just don't feel like it xD

So yeah, there ya go. BioShock review ho!

Hey! I got this from Oteibilitz
 I just copy/pasted if from her journal so here we go!

In my variation, all you have to do is leave a comment on this journal saying you'd like an OC (original original, or fandom based) of yours to be featured! AwwThen I will go through your gallery and pick one to feature! (which includes showing off one of your pictures of them, and a little something about them that I like :) (Smile) )

Or if you'd like to volunteer a specific character of yours for this feature (maybe to bring a relatively unknown OC of yours to the spotlight, or giving one extra love, showing off a new one, or a favourite of yours that's generally ignored, etc),tell me in your comment! (if you are picking a character of yours to feature, and if you have a specific image you'd like me to use, link me to it in your initial comment, otherwise I'll pick one myself :) (Smile) )

This is open to the first ten people that leave a comment!

Also, both original versions of this ask that if you get featured, to please make a feature journal of your own, because "The idea of this is not just to get a free feature, it is to spread the shiny arts around for everyone! La la la la"


1. :iconshockwave86:
Atroz by Shockwave86

I've critiqued Shocks characters and brainstormed with him a few times, but this is the guy I've heard the most about and developed an interest for. A cannibal with a cruel past, Atroz wishes to find his "other half", the vigilante Nightwolf. He's a twisted character with a cool design, what's not to like?

2. :iconyukirez:

Data Ryft by Yukirez

Data Ryft

A robot creature, GOLEM class, who is developing emotion and feelings. I always love the concept of robots developing human characteristics, I don't even care if it's overdone with similar concepts because it's all so damn wonderful. So a GOLEM would be no different! And, if I remember correctly from whenever I spoke with Rez about this fella last, he tries to start a family, which adds to his struggle with his glitching system.

3. :iconhelios-no-jinn:

Z-P: Jinn Kimura (Redone app) by Helios-No-Jinn

Jinn Kimura

I don't know much of the group that this character is a part of (Like I'm just really clueless in general), all I know is that he's a stubborn hardass with a temper problem. (And is a werewolf thing. I like werewolf things.) And I like stubborn hardasses.

4. OPEN! Comment below! 

5. OPEN! Comment below! 

6. OPEN! Comment below! 

7. OPEN! Comment below! 

8. OPEN! Comment below! 

9. OPEN! Comment below! 

10. OPEN! Comment below

Alright, I'm just going to start this now. Remember that epiphany I had, cuz' I sure do.

So here's how I figured it'd work. If you have a concept, tell me. These are the concept ideas I'm thinking of (plus links to show examples). You don't have to give an idea for all of the examples.

Characters (Main characters, enemies etc)……
Mood pieces……

Mind you, I won't do as well as the links listed, but it gives you an idea X'D

+I'll have five slots open at intervals. The slots won't be free until all the pieces of each slot are finished.
+Most of these I plan to do digitally, so I'll probably have the free time to work on them on weekends only.
+I do have other things to do, so this'll be a practice for time management. I'll probably start off really slow, and hopefully get better with time.


1. :iconmelnocturne: Semblance design (I figured I might as well put this here since she's wanted me to draw him.)
2. :iconyukirez: Lord of the Rings-esque Elven City
3.:iconshiftycheesecake: Her prostitute character- the-nightmare-doctor.deviantar… Done!
4. :iconbelowaverageartist: The Void
5. :iconshockwave86: Feroz-Done! Will post link later.

Okay, I've had this epiphany about my art. I want to be a concept artist for games and  maybe even a few movies etc for my career. I've been hopping on the feeling that concept art has very recently, and needless to say I'm very very VEEEERRRRY rusty and could use some good practice.

With that, I've decided, that once all the art set before me now is caught up to a point to where I don't need to stress about it, I'm gonna get you guys involved :3

All I need from you is a basic idea of a concept. It could be for anything, landscape, building, monster, character, whatever. Then I'll try and make concept art out of it :D (Big Grin)

So when the time comes, I'll update this journal again to let you know that it's open and you could get some character ideas or whatever…. We'll see how good this works….


Sanctus Casillius Xavier… The Dollmaker

Zakon… (NOT the guy with the gun in his face)

L.O.H.K (Lohki)… (Sonny)

Dr. Joseph Vincent… mixed with of Bane from the new movie…

Zenaz Zwenichter-… for the robot sound,… for the tone.

Volnus… (I think)


Devon Mordecai-… Found a better voice :D (Big Grin)…… (Naga at 7:09)…

Katerina… (Uma Thurman!)


Konaz… (Ahaha…. Deadpool x3)


King Helliziah… (As a bonus, the guy in this movie not only looks like him, but is also a complete and utter asshole. So it's perfect!)

Richard Mayland- I found his singing voice, not his actual voice though...x3>… (he sings after the bagpipes)

Dominic… (I'm going to change him soon. It doesn't fit as much as it did)

Paden… (John Marston)

Sinu-Found a better voice for him. Lord Okoto.… (Okoto. At 1:10:21, the big white boar.)

Charles Preston-…… so far this is it, this fella, whilst wearing glasses (slight hair style change), also looks like Charles before he got cursed.

Cirtcele Ero-… At 2:14 is when Cirtcele's voice pops up. 


Volga Havoc- (I can't find a voice *cries*)

Maverick Havoc- (I can't remember his voice *cries some more*)

Ulric Havoc-…

Lowell Druzist-…

"Will"-… (The guy named Matt, actors name is Josh Hartnett)

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BloodGrin 1 day ago  Professional Traditional Artist
thanks for the fave!
The-Nightmare-Doctor 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Not a prob!
The-Nightmare-Doctor Apr 6, 2014  Student General Artist
GroovyByDawn Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bro you need to see this, thank me later. X,D…
Why do you have so many awesome characters to pick from?!?? :noes:
The-Nightmare-Doctor Mar 20, 2014  Student General Artist

Maybe tell me your top picks amd I can tell you which one needs more love? Maybe?
(or my massive indecisiveness XD)

I can't get away with saying all of them, can I? :giggle: I can't help it; you use a lot of elements that I vastly enjoy with your characters. But for the sake of decision making, I'll try to narrow them down!
Is 11 still too many? Probably XP Hmmm...

The most I can narrow it to is Zakon, Dr. Mordecai, Sanctus, Brachnis, Valistius, Lohki. In no particular order! (and I keep trying to re-add everyone else back onto the list, haha)

(I also love your Sky People and Messengers (and that that Mask guy is pretty darn fascinating though I feel bad about that, because he upsets you in dream land XP))
The-Nightmare-Doctor Mar 23, 2014  Student General Artist

If you want to list 11, go right ahead xD

Well of those guys (along with the Sky People and Messengers and masked guy) I'd say that that Brachnis, Lohki and masked guy need the most love (if that helps at all xD)
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GroovyByDawn Mar 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist… Bro you gotta see this, I love it. :)
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